Burlesque in New Orleans

We recently got a hold of some new toys at work, and if you know me, you know I’m a technology geek.  And I’m also a guy.  So I couldn’t ask for a better marriage of the two than doing something on burlesque.

As you saw in the video, burlesque is not just some strip show.  I’ve been to a couple of shows here and there at my girlfriend’s behest, and I’ve got to be honest – wow!  The perfect marriage of theatre, comedy, dance, and, well, nearly naked women.  It walks a fine line between art and sleaze.  Sure the comedy is raunchy, and you’re bound to see pasties, but there’s more to it.  Some intangible factor I can’t place my finger on.  Burlesque is sort of like vaudeville for the 21st century.

Most of the performance footage comes from a Fleur de Tease show.  It was their take on “The Wizard of Oz”, only it took place in New Orleans.  The Scarecrow was a stripper, the Tin Man (or woman in this case) a ‘living statue’, and the Cowardly Lion was a shy gutter punk from the 9th Ward.  The best part of the show was when Dorothy was ordered by the Wizard to bring back the flaming tassels from the Wicked Witch of the Westbank.  If you’re from the Eastbank, you’ll get the joke.

Burlesque performer extraordinaire Trixie Minx graciously stopped by our studio to shoot what we in the business call the “beauty shots.”  She stripped down to her revealing performance costume and we graciously started shooting.  In the 45 minutes that followed, we shot take after take of over half a dozen sexy poses that filled the opening and closing moments of the video.  This was the first controlled studio shoot with our new equipment – a Canon 5D Mark III and several Zeiss Compact Prime lenses.    Two of my fellow producers, Rich Sprinkle and Jared Burns assisted on the entire shoot. Those guys are true artists when it comes to lighting.  The red of Trixie’s costume against the black backdrop really pops.  Notice the way the light plays with the white feathers.  Beautiful stuff.  Nice job guys.


One thought on “Burlesque in New Orleans

  1. That is the reason why I enjoy working behind the lens… not for shooting a burlesque show, but the extremely high production that happened in 3:00. BTW, I got the clearance to purchase some new stuff, and I think the Canon 5D will be on the top of the list. Great Work, BC!

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